About us

In 2002 we made our commitment to personalized water as a promotional gift. A decade later we can offer products like energy drinks, self-heating, coolers, and other merchandising converted into effective communication tools for your clients.

Always in the world of personalized bottles and advertising articles with original gifts related distinguished by their efficiency and elegance. But we’re still the key companies across Europe that every day you bring new ideas and applications for personalized and more drinks …

We belong to the Association of Manufacturers and sellers of advertising and promotional items (FYVAR) and participate in the Leading European trade show of the promotional product industry (PSI).


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Our Likes

Look at the list of what we like and what not. If you feel identified, you know you’re in good hands.

We like

We don't like

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Our Team

Montibus iuxta mare et circa urbem pulchram sicut Barcino , et The Brand Company . Volumus aliquid ad te ipsum et res tuas , nos similes aportáis nobis. Placet fruuntur operis faciendi , et gratias tibi originale products . Et hoc est quaerere aliquam text of fun dum fructus .

Lourdes Torres


Maruxi Torres

National and international

Claudia Pfefferman


Julie Vial


Marieta Carrillo


Montse Fajardo


Elsa Mir-Mir

Marketing services

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