Advantages of personalized and reusable water bottles

If we think of reusable bottles or customizable water bottles, we can list the ecological advantages for their use or as an ideal company gift. Our personalized glass, aluminum, stainless steel and tritan bottles (BPA AND BPS free) are healthy, reduce waste, are committed to the environment and the community, reduce BPA consumption, do not give off odors, as well as being economical. These cover the need of people in their daily water consumption. A habit that we support in The Brand Company  promoting that it is increasingly common to see people with reusable bottles, creating awareness that we must use less, single-use plastic containers, taking even more care of our environment and natural habitat. Many companies are already providing or giving their employees personalized water bottles that at the same time generate a modern company image, a brand image and encourage their employees to deal with environmental impact. From the gesture of using this type of personalized bottles we managed to replace plastic bottles and cups that, although they are reusable, we must be aware that by not using them, waste in landfills around the world is greatly reduced by helping and insisting once more, to reduce the consumption of plastics and other materials that degrade the environment. Of course how not to talk about our health. As we have already mentioned in this post, our personalized water bottles are not harmful to health, as well as being essential to fill them with water and keep us healthy. It is advisable to drink about 2 liters of water a day, which is equivalent to 8 glasses of water, and it is not that The Brand Company, says but what the health associations say. We know that when it is very hot it is not difficult to consume water or soft drinks, not being the same when the weather is not good because it is too cold and it costs a little more. However, we have a trick to consume water on the coldest days of the year, offering personalized water bottles as a company gift or gift at sporting events, making it easier to drink. Having a fantastic personalized bottle next to you, you can be sure that you will give it a good drink from time to time even without being too thirsty! We recognize and know that the initial outlay for the purchase of reusable bottles by not buying plastic bottles in any supermarket is higher. But in a short time it is amortized in such a way that it invites the use of this type of bottles, whether they are made of glass, aluminum, stainless steel or Tritan. In short, as long as you buy or give away reusable bottles instead of disposable bottles, you will be greatly reducing the cost. The ideal is to have a personalized water bottle in each place or space where we spend more time, such as at home, gym or work.

The relationship of personalized bottles with the environment.​

One of the ways that companies have to show their commitment to the planet and reduce their environmental impact is to provide personalized bottles with their logo in full color, but above all, being aware of a very important detail, and that is not to provide plastic bottles. The possibilities of our products are to be able to design to your liking, creating personalized water bottles like the ones we have available making them unique since they have not been seen anywhere before. We leave the choice of default colors that we offer at your entire disposal. In The Brand Company We have the solution and we help you to design them to your liking with your company logo, image or any design you choose. Millions of plastic bottles are currently used worldwide, which is more than enough reason to buy reusable bottles, being great allies in saving the planet and improving environmental impact. Since the European Directive came into force in July 2021, the sale of plastic items made from plastic straws, swabs, cutlery or plates, including non-recyclable water bottles, has been prohibited to combat pollution. As we mentioned above, for this reason among others, it is advisable to purchase a personalized water bottle like ours and according to the appropriate materials, in each place where we are for a longer time during the day, being easy to recognize it. We can forget it at home or it is not always possible to take it with us. Is it worth taking it with us whenever we can? Definitely yes! It will be much better for our planet! Are you ready to take your personalized reusable water bottle with you? You must bear in mind that it is the friendliest alternative for our planet, we and our bottles make the greatest effort to continue reducing global plastic consumption in the coming years. Visit our online store and discover a world of possibilities to acquire your personalized bottles or drums! We could put that the metallic ones can be personalized with the name of each person and are an ideal gift

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