Discover personalized paper straws

Our personalized paper straws are of high quality, obtaining as a result a soft and durable final product in order to provide the best experience to your customers whenever they put it in the glass, in this way we avoid possible damage that could bend or break the straw. straw. We also offer designs in the entire area of ​​the straw with all the bespoke details and your corporate colors. A very interesting fact is that of its production, which is carried out at a national level and in very low quantities, which cannot be done in China. In The Brand Company We are specialized in customizing biodegradable paper straws for your business and we present them to you with color samples and in cardboard boxes before final printing. If you are not sure which is the best size, material or color, contact us.

The details of the paper straws make the difference

Add a personal touch to your business with our personalized paper straws and make your customers smile with an attractive or corporate design. Our paper straws are produced with recycled and chlorine-free materials. Take your customers to the next level! In addition, we all win, customers get a different experience when drinking a soft drink at your place, as a company you position yourself in the minds of customers thanks to your corporate design on the straw and at the same time we contribute to the use of environmentally friendly materials. environment.

Enhance the customer experience with full color custom paper straws

Through working with our clients and researching the environmental impact of plastics, we have developed an extensive collection of paper straws in different sizes ranging from 6 to 8mm in diameter and 12, 15, 20cm long. An easy way to attract the attention of your customers with paper straws is by offering a wide variety of designs and colors with the aim of inviting them to take a photo of your drink with colorful straws that they will find on the counter. This will result in a colorful image that will encourage your customers to upload it on social networks mentioning your brand, in this way they will be the ones who increase the visibility of your products. You can also promote your business with a nice slogan and eco-friendly use by providing biodegradable and recyclable options in your establishment, restaurant or cafeteria. Another way we advise you to improve the customer experience with paper straws is to make sure they are accessible in various places in your store. There is nothing worse than going to buy a soda and not having a paper straw at hand to enjoy it and its design.


Attract customers to your establishment by offering paper straws as an extra cleaning service after use, so customers won't have to worry about cleaning straws before or after use and have them available clean. This way, customers won't have to worry about cleaning the straws before or after use and have them at their disposal clean. Follow these tips and your customers will have the best experience with paper straws! Contact us to learn more about our marking techniques. We will be happy to advise and assist you to tell you about the wide variety that we offer at your disposal to customize your paper straws.

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