Your brand on everyone's lips! Plain personalized napkins, 2-ply, double knit, airlaid or bamboo

We know that details make all the difference, that's why personalized napkins are a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd and make consumers speak well of us. Your brand on everyone's lips! Today, brands focus their commercial actions in one direction, their customers. When marketing their products, they focus their attention on original ideas that can attract the attention of their public in order to increase their positioning through products faithful to the corporate colors that identify the brand. In The Brand Company​, we help companies to increase their visibility in the market through different everyday elements. We are experts in branding for companies, therefore, in this article we are going to talk about the advantages of advertising your brand through plain, double-sided and double-point personalized napkins.

Full color customization of paper napkins to advertise your brand

The personalization of elements such as paper napkins is one of the most effective techniques when advertising your brand. Paper napkins are not only personalized with graphic elements such as the logo or a specific typeface, we can also resort to corporate colors to achieve a greater visual impact that identifies the brand in a few seconds. Thanks to this type of non-invasive advertising, we are able to increase the reach of your brand and publicize your products and services in a more intelligent way. In The Brand Company​, we have all kinds of napkins that adapt to the unique needs of each company. Next, we are going to see the types of customizable napkins and the aspects that differentiate them in order to make the best choice for your brand. Most of our napkins are two-ply but the way in which those layers are joined or the grammage is what will make the difference.

Double point napkins

Double-point or end-to-end paper napkins are designed with microembossing technology (small dots on the entire surface). It is a soft and fluffy napkin thanks to the special embossing system, in the form of micro dots around the napkin. It creates air cells inside, providing more softness, which makes them more resistant than classic or double-layer paper napkins. The double-knit manufacturing technique is also reflected in aesthetics, as it gives the napkins a more refined and elegant appearance, which is why they are favorites in the hospitality sector, especially in the 20x20 cocktail size as they exist. a wide variety of colors of double point napkin.

Two-ply napkins

​This napkin is made up of 2 layers joined together only on the outside or edge of the napkin, allowing printing only on the upper left area. The outer border is very characteristic of this type of napkin and prevents the layers from separating or collecting moisture. It is the most common as a 33x33cm table napkin.

Plain napkins

Plain paper napkins are characterized by using single-ply cellulose coils, which is why they are the thinnest on the market and can be customized however you want. Although they are not the most resistant, these napkins are the most economical. If what you need is to lower costs, plain paper napkins are for you.

Airlaid Napkins​

​Airlaid napkins are high quality napkins, also made of paper but with a texture similar to cloth. This material is highly resistant and has a soft texture that places it among the high-end napkins. Especially suitable for important events and celebrations.

Bamboo napkins

​Bamboo napkins are a high-quality, soft and resistant product. They are made with bamboo fiber and are an alternative for the environment since bamboo is a highly renewable and sustainable material. It is a single-use napkin for clients who seek to project sustainability and respect for the environment. Napkins made with virgin fiber and viscose bamboo, as well as cellulose, biodegradable and compostable. oduct is compostable. All our napkins are fully biodegradable, although only the white ones are recycled as compostable.

What size of personalized napkins should I choose?

There are different sizes to choose from but don't trust their name! The 20x20 napkin are 10cm napkins that measure 20 when open, perfect for cocktails. The 33x33 is a 16.5cm folded napkin. The table napkin. The 40x40 is a 20cm napkin when folded. The Kangaroo is 40x40 but it folds in 8 so that it is 10cm wide by 20cm high. Now that you know some of the types of paper napkins to customize, send us your brand design and at The Brand Company. We do direct printing in the colors that identify you. Discover all the colors of personalized napkins making click here!

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