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At The Brand Company we specialize in customization, so personalized food could not be missing, providing a unique solution for events and promotions. Discover how personalized food and snacks can offer a special touch and care to the events you organize.

Personalized Food and Snacks for events

  • Variety of Products: We offer a wide range of food and snack options such as apples or personalized cookies, recommended products to stand out in caterings, corporate events,…
  • Creative Customization: Products can be customized with the client's logo or brand design, adding a distinctive touch to events and promotions.

Custom Design to highlight the brand

  • Visual Branding: We specialize in creating products that reflect the client's brand identity, ensuring an attractive and coherent visual presentation.
  • Flexible Design Options: Multiple design options are offered to suit customer needs and preferences, from custom labels to distinctive packaging.

Differentiation of Personalized Food from the Competition

  • Focus on Sustainability: We stand out for our commitment to sustainable merchandising, offering personalized food options that are also environmentally friendly.
  • Experience and Quality: With more than two decades of experience, we are leaders in the customization sector, providing high-quality products and exceptional services to its customers.

Benefits of Personalized Food at events

 In addition to offering a unique culinary experience for event attendees, it also adds a touch of special attention, care and creativity to the brand. By offering details like this at your events, both corporate and personal, we manage to leave a lasting impression on our guests.

Custom fresh apple TBC500
0.000 € 0.0 EUR
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Personalized fresh apple tattooed with laser or marked in black. Choose your apple, green or red and add your brand.
Personalized biscuit TBC915
0.000 € 0.0 EUR
0% Off
Biscuit Print. Personalized biscuit with full color printing on the biscuit from only 200 units. Place your order on-line

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