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Discover the Perfect Promotional Bottle

At The Brand Company, we understand the importance of choosing the ideal promotional container for your audience. We offer a wide range of custom bottles in materials such as plastic, glass, and aluminum, each designed for a specific audience.

For Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts

Our custom plastic bidons are lightweight, durable, and perfect for those with an active lifestyle. We offer options with a straw or nozzle, and our aluminum bottles include a handy carabiner, ideal for clipping onto a backpack.

For Daily Use: Office or Home

We recommend our stainless steel thermal bottles for those looking for a practical and durable container for everyday use. Thanks to their insulation, these bottles keep your drinks at the ideal temperature, whether cold or hot.

Commitment to the Environment

For the eco-conscious, we offer models in rPET, recycled aluminum, and PLA. Our glass bottles are an excellent sustainable alternative, designed with recyclability in mind at the end of their useful life.

Impress with Unique Designs

For campaigns looking to make an impression, our sublimated bottles allow for full colour printing, creating unforgettable designs.

The Ideal Size for Your Audience

  • Small (300-500ml): Ideal for everyday life, perfect for a quick sip on the go.
  • Medium (500-750ml): Versatile and practical for the gym, office, or short trips.
  • Large (750ml-1L): For adventurers, these metal bottles are your ideal companions on long excursions.

Tips for Choosing Economical Custom Bottles

Material and Capacity

Plastic is the most accessible option, followed by certain glass and aluminum models. Capacity directly affects the price, with smaller models generally being more economical.

Affordable Customization

The cost of customization varies depending on the complexity of the design. Screen printing and laser engraving are economical options for simple logos.

Deep Customization with The Brand Company

With over 20 years in the market, The Brand Company stands out for its efficiency in delivery and the vast selection of custom bottles. We offer various customization techniques such as screen printing, labels, collars, sleeves, and direct printing to meet any need.

What to Consider When Customizing?

The color and design of your logo are crucial. We offer a virtual sample before ordering to ensure your satisfaction. Depending on the material, you can opt for screen printing, digital printing, or laser engraving for a finish that aligns with your vision.

Discover Our Customized Hydration Solutions for Events. We understand the importance of leaving a lasting impression on your guests, and what better way to do so than with personalized water bottles that not only refresh but also communicate the essence of your event.

Why Choose Personalized Water for Your Event?

  • Complete Customization: We offer a wide range of customization options to make your brand or message stand out. From elegant weddings to large-scale corporate events, our personalized water bottles are the perfect complement to any occasion.
  • Superior Quality: Our water comes from natural sources, ensuring a pure and refreshing taste with every sip. The quality of our product reflects the standard of your event.
  • Sustainability: Committed to the environment, we offer eco-friendly options to minimize the environmental impact of your event. From reusable bottles to biodegradable materials, your event will be remembered not only for its elegance but also for its ecological consciousness.

Our Services

  • Customized Design: Our design team will work with you to create labels that reflect your brand or event theme. Whether you have an idea in mind or need inspiration, we are here to turn your vision into reality.
  • Variety of Products: From elegant glass bottles to practical recyclable plastic solutions, we have the perfect range to suit your event's needs.
  • Delivery and Logistics: We understand the importance of punctuality. Our team ensures efficient and timely delivery for your event, regardless of the order size.

Success Stories

Our clients, from luxury hotels to corporate brands and wedding planners, have experienced the positive impact of incorporating personalized water into their events. The personalized bottles not only served as elegant refreshment but also as a lasting marketing tool, leaving a memorable impression on attendees.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a wide range of bottles for customization, including options in plastic, glass, aluminum, and stainless steel. Each material has its specific benefits, from durability to sustainability.

We have various techniques, such as screen printing, direct printing, labeling, sleeve application, and laser engraving. The choice depends on the design, the bottle material, and your specific preferences

Yes, we customize bottles for all kinds of events, such as conferences, weddings, sports events, and brand promotions. We can help you choose the design and type of bottle most suitable for your event.

The minimum order varies depending on the type of bottle and the customization technique. We recommend consulting our specific terms for each product.

Production and delivery time can vary depending on the complexity of the design, the quantity of the order, and your location. We provide time estimates at the time of ordering.

 Yes, we offer the option to obtain a physical or digital sample of your custom design to ensure it meets your expectations before proceeding with the full order.

Consider the purpose of the bottle, your target audience, and how your design represents your brand or message. Also, take into account the visibility and legibility of the design on the chosen material.

We are committed to sustainability, so many of our bottles are recyclable and designed to be reused. Reusability and recyclability depend on the specific material of the bottl

Yes, we offer tiered pricing based on the volume of the order. Volume discounts are available and detailed in our pricing policy.

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