The Goddess of Water, prouder than ever!

LA DIOSA DEL AGUA ¡Nos hace muy felices anunciaros la llegada de la Diosa del Orgullo a la familia!  Se trata de una edición especial limitada de nuestro brik de la Goddess of Water.  We want to celebrate with all of you and with the whole world the Día Internacional del Orgullo LGTBIQ+.  El próximo 28 de junio desde The Brand Company os invitamos a brindar por la diversidad, el respeto y la igualdad. Nuestra marca de agua premium, libre de impurezas y envasada en brik reciclable es la opción perfecta para celebrar, mientras cuidamos nuestra salud y la del planeta. En esta edición especial La Diosa del Agua tiñe su pelo con los colores que forman el arcoíris de la bandera LGTBIQ+. Con ella dejamos bien claros nuestros valores mientras y, además, mantiene firme su compromiso con la protección del agua y la Tierra. Para crear el nuevo diseño de la diosa en su versión más reivindicativa hemos confiado en Somi Studio de Barcelona.  ¡El resultado no nos puede gustar más! La Diosa del Orgullo está ya disponible en el formato brik de 33 cl. (caja de 24 unidades). Se puede adquirir a través de nuestra web y a través de Amazon en toda Europa.

0% impurities, 100% well-being

The Goddess of Water is inspired by the beliefs of the ancient Mayan civilization. She is she maintained that nature and its elements are not something mechanical and must be protected. Her mission is clear: to preserve the water so that it retains all its purity and can provide us with maximum well-being. For this reason, from its underground origin in Sierra Mijas-Blanca (Málaga) to the container, the water passes through a modern three-phase filtering system. Osmotic pressure filtration, remineralization and microfiltration. In this way we manage to eliminate any impurity and provide an optimal mineral table and a balanced pH of 7.3.  

Brik water, the container of a Goddess

LA DIOSA DEL AGUA ¿Sabías que la Diosa del agua está envasada en  Tetra Prisma® Aseptic. It is an environmentally friendly and recyclable brik. It is made with 72% renewable raw materials , in the case of its 33cl container. Thanks to its packaging, the water stays fresh for longer since the cardboard acts as an isothermal layer. As it does not receive light and is packaged without air and in a protective atmosphere, the water does not deteriorate. The brik of the Goddess of Water incorporates 8 sides, a design that facilitates a comfortable grip so that you can always drink water. The cardboard used in the packaging comes only from responsibly managed forests under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. Its manufacture leaves a CO2 footprint 64% lower than that of plastic or glass. In addition, the containers arrive in coils at the factories. This method reduces contamination levels up to 70 times. And now, the 100% vegetable cap of the Goddess of Water is attached to the bottle for greater recyclability.

Conscious water, solidarity water

We are aware that water is the first need to build a society. With the Goddess of Water, we collaborate with the NGO Pozos Sin Fronteras , donating part of their sales to bring water where it is most needed. Sign up now for the new way of drinking water!
The Goddess of Water in Alimentaria

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